Upload your promo or demo

Upload your promos and / or demos directly to Fedde's HQ, please clearly indicate whether it's a promo or a demo send-in. All music gets a listen, but due to the enormous amount of music we receive, we kindly ask for your understanding of us not replying to each submission separately.

You can upload your promo here.
You can upload your demo here.


  • Please submit your best track that represents you and where you are headed musically.
  • Please make sure you use the correct link. Use the demo link if you want to submit a track for Fedde’s label. Also make sure when possible to add “unsigned” in the track title!
  • For all other tracks / mashups / bootlegs that are not up for evaluation for Fedde’s label, you can use the “promo” link!

… looking forward to your submission!